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What can I do today to get a start on my Florida cannabis business?

  • Legal cannabis in America is an entirely new business. We are inventing it as we go along. Even as laws develop, there are things that you could start doing today to build your business. If you are reading this you are already moving in the right direction. Let’s cover some of those actionable steps that will help you carve your own path to creating a successful business in Florida as cannabis becomes legal for medical use.
  • Get educated. That doesn’t mean Googling “how to open up a cannabis businesses.” Be careful. A lot of information you’ll find on the Internet is very helpful, but at the same time it can easily be misleading, unsubstantiated and downright false. In this business, acting on inaccurate information can cost you your business and your freedom. What it does mean is transforming into a sponge.
  • Learn everything you can about the business you want to be in. Learn from the people in it right now. Learn the products and businesses that make up your industry. Find your competition, your clients, your target demographics, your supply chain and talk to as many knowledgeable people as you can. That’s what we did. We attended every cannabis school, university, seminar and training session. We identified and connected with the major owners and operators of medical cannabis facilities, ancillary businesses, activists and investors. Meeting after meeting with lawyers, accountants, former law enforcement officers, politicians and business owners continues to jam our schedule. We are always learning. Get connected. And we’re always networking.
  • Getting to know the players is critical. Who are the icons, the most successful and most influential people in both cannabis and in business? Seek their guidance. It’s easy to see the good decisions they made when building their businesses, but the real value is learning from their mistakes. Every successful business owner has made them, whether in cannabis, real estate or retail. Learning what NOT to do is crucial to success and it’s difficult to clarify. Making the right connections and talking to the right people makes all the difference. Florida Cannabis Coalition is intimately involved in the developments on the legislative level when it comes to cannabis laws in Florida. Simply subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Facebook will keep you up to date on the latest laws. But if you are looing for help interpreting those laws and how they pertain to your business, then we can connect you with legal professionals who have chosen to specialize in various aspects of cannabis law.
  • Get consulting. You need a very clear understanding of both current laws and regulations that pertain to the business you in which you want to be involved. Someone opening a restaurant needs to know all the health codes, commercial zoning codes, compliance regulations, tax obligations, etc. Opening a cannabis business is no different. There are specific sets of regulations and laws you need to know.
  • Contact a lawyer and learn them. We have provided copies of all proposed Florida cannabis legislation in this book, but this is not legal advice. We strongly suggest you seek legal council to make sure you are covered and well informed. Use your voice. Even in our great democracy we don’t always get the chance to make a real difference. This is one of them. Not only will you be part of history, you will see the effects of this law in your day-to-day life. You will see it in how it affects your community, your local economy and the quality of life of people you know and care about.
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