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They’ve created the world’s largest cannabis jobs board exclusively for THCU certified students. Plus, we’ve partnered with Emerald Opportunities and THC Jobs to give our top graduates a leg up on getting their dream job.

How THC University Works:

Learn at your own pace

Every student has access to all our courses online 24/7 so you can learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world. We’ve also partnered with industry experts, like Jorge Cervantes, to bring you high quality courses that you won’t find anywhere else.

Take quizzes and get certified

Take quizzes to put your knowledge to the test and prove that you’re one of the top candidates in the industry. Once you pass the final exam we’ll send you a certificate of completion and you’ll get access to our exclusive student jobs board.

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Just some of the things you will learn:

Master Grower Program Classes:Introduction – Growing 101, an intro to indoor gardening, learn the 8 steps to a successful indoor garden. Mandatory class for all certifications.
Clones – Learn about germination, how to clone, and seed.
Vegetation – Vegetative growth, sexing, cuttings, mother plants, growing more roots, transplanting, and plant stress.
Flowering – Plant flowering, male/female/hermaphrodite, lighting types and times, plant life cycle, creating the perfect bud
Lighting – light, lamp, safety and electricity
Nutrients / Growing Mediums – Soil and containers, pH, Rockwool cuttings, seedlings, soil amendments. Water and nutrients, osmosis, drip system, NPK, Secondary Nutrients and fertilizers, chemical v.s. organic.
Hydroponics – Hydro gardening, hydro systems, growing mediums, meters for testing, hydro nutrients.
Air/Fans/CO2 – Air movement, ventilation, fans, humidity, and CO2
Pests and Disease – Prevention, Control, and identifying pests.
Harvesting and curing – Trimming, curing, timing, techniques
Hash and Oils – Types, and extraction methods
Cooking and Infusion – Butter, oil’s and other goodies
Strains and Flavors – How to identify, pairings, and strain types


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide financial aid?

No, currently we do not offer any financial assistance. Feel free to call us to speak to a counselor if you have any questions (303) 862-7464

What happens once I’m certified?

Once you are certified, you will get a certificate of completion by email, or you can order a canvas framed certificate. Certificates are only rewarded upon request, and rewarded when students pass the final exam. Certified graduates get access to the jobs board, post resumes and employers can browse through certified students, and post jobs.

Where are classes held?

Our certification courses are all online, giving students more information than any classroom can provide.

Can I access classes on my phone?

Currently, our interactive online courses only work on desktops, laptops, and tablets.

What is the minimum passable grade?

We want students to leave THCU with a solid understanding of the curriculum so we require 90% to pass final exams.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No contracts. Just pay for as long as you want to have access to our courses. However, all students who register must agree to the THCU terms and conditions. View the student agreement.

Is it legal to go to THC University?

Yes, we are all protected by the first amendment!

What experience do your instructors have?

All our instructors are industry leaders. Our Master Grower and education program creators have been growing and teaching indoor growing for collectively 100+ years. All instructors have substantial experience and an ability to make the core growing concepts easy to understand and remember, even for the untrained grower.Learn more about our instructors.

Do you offer business training for my team?

Yes! We have a special business training program that will allow you to train your whole team at an affordable price. Check it out.

How long does it take to complete all certification programs?

Generally, students finish in 3 – 6 months.

Looking for business training?

We can help you train new employees and keep your workforce sharp.

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