What is CBD – The Truth about Cannabidiol – Medication

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Ray Tokes challenges the mainstream with What is CBD – The Truth about Cannabidiol – Medication. Ray Tokes is challenging big pharma as well as the tobacco industry by putting fiction to rest with a fistful of facts about CBD and what it is as a medication. Ray Tokes evolves the conversation from his first book The Revolutionary Cannabidiol and answers the challenging questions about CBD such as: What is CBD? – Ray Tokes gives an informative summary about what CBD is and isn’t. What does CBD stand for? – Most people know what it is, but what does it mean? Where does CBD come from? – An in-depth look into CBD. What Are the Benefits of Using CBD? – Are there benefits to CBD? Why is CBD so good for the body? – How are cancer patients able to use CBD? What is the Difference between CBD and THC? – Learn the differences between CBD and THC. What is the Difference between CBD and CBN? – A look at CBD and CBD. Is CBD Legal Everywhere? – The legality of CBD. Is CBD Really as Special as They Say? – Ray Tokes addresses the power of CBD. Why Does CBD Work as a Medication? – Learn how CBD works to help cancer patients. What is the Difference between Medical Marijuana and CBD? – Learn about the differences between Medical Marijuana and CBD. Is THC or CBD the Best Option? – Ray Tokes addresses the variety of options available. What Can CBD Be Used For? – Ray Tokes goes into length about the healing properties of CBD. What is CBD E-Liquid? – Find out what CBD E-Liquid is. What is the Future of CBD? – The future surrounding the debate and legality around CBD.


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