Organic Hemp Cold Brew Coffee Bag – 6″x10″ – Reusable Bag – 1 and 2 Packs available – 100% Natural, No Harmful Chemicals – Free E Book of Cold Brew Coffee, Nut Milk Recipes and overall care guide Price:  $ 11.95 (as of 29/01/2017 04:53 PST- Details)

Size 6×10- Cold Brew Hemp Bag has the stitching on the outside to make for easy cleaning by not getting waste stuck in the corners, like non-rounded bags will, & will dry much faster. The corners are rounded, so the coffee will funnel down, to cut down on waste, and make it easier to pour. It will also fits most of all mason jars and most others type of cups and jars. You will enjoy making your favorite cold brew coffee or almond milk, silky smooth as well as other nut & seed milk, & juices.
NATURAL FOOD LOVER – Home cooks & chefs use this all natural coffee bag, made of Organic Unbleached Hemp for the bag. It is so strong, you can squeeze with both hands for fast results & not have to worry. Hemp will not lose its shape, or become distorted, like other reusable filter bags. This coffee strainer, has no glue or sealer to hold it together. 100% Organic cotton stitching, 100% Organic linen drawstring, for hanging on a hook to dry, or to pull around what your making your coffee in
NO CHEMICAL – NO GLUE – UNBLEACHED MATERAL – No risk of hormone dysfunctions, or breast cancer like nylon. No plastic or other chemicals shedding into your food. Completely natural & organic. You can feel safe when you use your Eco Essence Hemp Bag to make your favorite nut milk, cold-brew coffee, great for sprouting, seed milk, Greek yogurt, cheese, iced tea, & even homemade juice. Being made of hemp, you will not have any aftertaste you might find from other nut milk bags out there.



Why choose our Hemp Cold Brew Coffee Bags over all others?

We made a 6×10 bag, with rounded corners and the stitching on the outside. The reason
we did this is so pulp or grounds do not get stuck in the corners, and will make pouring the, Coffee or milk so much
easier. As well as makes cleaning easier and drying faster. The 6×10 size means it is big
enough for you to use 2 hands when needed, by just hanging the bag from a hook by its super
strong drawstring. The size also means it will fit most all mason jars or the like.
We went with hemp as the main fiber for the bag because Hemp-derived products are
NONTOXIC, BIODEGRADABLE, and RENEWABLE! Unlike many crops, hemp puts little strain on
the soil and requires only moderate amounts of fertilizer. Hemp is super strong so you do not
have to worry about stretching or damaging it, it will also not lose its shape or become


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