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Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer was treated with cannabis after failure of conventional therapy. Cancer disappeared after 4 years of regular cannabis use.

54 year old woman dying of metastatic breast cancer, restless and anxious and confused – requiring regular doses of Ativan for minimal relief but not able to communicate with family due to side effects of the benzodiazepine.

A 21-year-old college student with systemic mastocytosis uses inhaled medical marijuana to relieve symptoms and gain homeostasis.

Dupuytren’s Contracture resolves with topical cannabis salve


46 year old male carpenter with slowly progressing Dupuytren’s contacture of his right 3rd finger was advised to try using a home made concentrated cannabis salve with an occlusive barrier (nitrile glove) at bedtime in order to reduce daytime pain. Patient returned one year later for his medical cannabis recommendation withnear complete resolution of the contracture.

This case highlights the use of harm reduction approaches, motivational interviewing techniques and cannabidiol, in a person, diagnosed with cluster A and B traits – other specified personality disorder 301.89 (F60.89), personal history (past history) of sexual abuse in childhood V15.41 (Z62.810), obsessive-compulsive disorder 300.3 (F42), major depressive disorder 296.22 (F32.1) alcohol related disorder 303.90 (F10.20), Substance induced psychotic disorder with onset during intoxication (F12.259) and attention-deficit disorder predominantly hyperactive/impulsive presentation 314.01 (F90.8) who suffered severe psychosocial stressors and relapsed after over ten years of sobriety on alcohol and cannabis.

Congenital nystagmus improved by marijuana

Adverse effects

19-year-old high school graduate, works 30 hours a week as a cook in a cafeteria, wears corrective glasses for myopia, has congenital horizontal nystagmus in both eyes. Marijuana slows or relieves eye movements, improving vision and ability to read.

Marijuana helps narcolepsy

Neurodegenerative disorders

A 32-year-old male, furniture mover of 13 years, found relief of daytime sleep attacks and experienced more restful sleep with marijuana.

Beyond-THC Strain Evaluation Survey

The Society of Cannabis Clinicians has developed a survey that asks about patients’ responses to CBD-rich cannabis. While laboratory-based research is uncovering fascinating information about CBD, physicians want to know what patients are experiencing. Are the effects of CBD-rich cannabis and high-THC cannabis noticeably different?  If so, how? Patients, collectively, can provide the answers.

Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Study

If you are a patient with inflammatory bowel disease, IBD, using cannabis to mitigate the symptoms of Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, you are invited to participate in this study.

CCRMG Research

CCRMG member physicians do a variety of research projects which are published in O’Shaughnessy’s Journal and elsewhere.


About 2 years post lower esophageal sphincterotomy for achalasia, this 35-year-old female suffered from general dyspepsia associated with difficulty falling asleep. She used both inhaled and ingested marijuana daily in small amounts which relieved her symptoms without the need of additional medications.

This case study focuses on the use of CBD within long term behavior therapy. CBD was used for harm reduction: reduce binge drinking and the associated emotional triggers of the addiction, anxiety and problems with emotional regulation. A very beneficial treatment sequence was revealed in the therapy, the initial use of CBD then the addition of meditation to form a treatment package which increased mindfulness and reflective functioning. This case shows that psycho education is an integral process of CBD initiation.

This case highlights a trail of CBD in an ongoing behavior therapy. CBD was used to: break a cycle of insomnia, secondary to a major depressive episode and reduce alcohol consumption as per an addiction.

Mixed mood disorder

Psychiatric disorders

52 y/o male with mixed mood disorder on muliple medications with incomplete improvement, responded well to CBD rich strains of cannbis.

60 y.o. woman with 37 year history of iritis/uveitis. Inflammation and dull aching eye pain was managed with oral prednisone followed by continuous use of steroid eye drops until two years ago when the treating ophthalmologist recommended a trial of cannabis which she found eliminated her need for all oral steroids and nearly all topical steroids for the past 2 1/2 years.

Cannabis Overdose

Adverse effects

After smoking an unknown (organic) sample of high-THC cannabis, patient became dizzy and anxious. Symptoms rapidly progressed to complete inability to use voluntary muscles for a period of approximately 30 minutes. All symptoms resolved after several hours of sleep.

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