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Determining guidelines for proper dosing of medical cannabis for patients has proven to be a complex task that has required significant developments in the arena of cannabis potency testing. Historically, patients were left to their own devices to determine dosages for their medical cannabis treatment. However, no accurate medical standards can be laid out without proper understanding of effective medical cannabis dosing. To properly understand how patients should be utilizing medical cannabis, we must understand which cannabinoids are most efficient at treating ailments, and why they are so effective at doing so. This is why cannabis potency testing is such a critical aspect of proper cannabis dosing.

In 2004, a research paper was published by Donald Abrams, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine at UC San Francisco that suggested, “An experienced cannabis smoker can titrate and regulate dose to obtain the desired acute effects . . . Thus, a patient-determined, self-titrated dosing model is recommended. This self-titration model is acceptable given . . . the low toxicity of cannabis.”  Essentially, this paper suggested that patients consume cannabis carefully until you achieve the desired effects, and then keep track of it themselves. Although cannabis has no established LD-50 (lethal dose), it is risky to ingest any medicine without precise knowledge of its active components and their effects. Potency testing is how we can determine the medical effectiveness of a particular cannabis sample, be it flowers, edibles, or concentrates. Without incredibly precise potency testing, every patient is likely dosing themselves inconsistently.

Patients need to know the potency of their medicine so they are able to properly titrate the dosage necessary to achieve the greatest medical benefit. Thanks to the advancement of cannabis potency testing, CannLabs is able to provide dispensaries with the science they need to make sure their patients receive cannabis medicine that is efficient and effective. Patients can now know their medicine contains the proper ratios of active cannabinoids best suited for their personal treatment. With this knowledge, they can finally have an accurate understanding of proper cannabis dosing. It improves the delivery of cannabis as medicine by making treatment more effective for patients across the board.

CannLabs has brought new levels of precision to the world of cannabis potency testing thanks to our experienced lab personnel and our powerful and precisely calibrated laboratory equipment (such as our Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatograph). This allows us to understand the precise mass of cannabinoids, terpenes and other ingredients in any sample of cannabis, regardless of type. By understanding the amount of medically active ingredients in a sample of cannabis, we can understand its potency and how it can be used as medicine most effectively.


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