Milagro Oil Cannabis Oil Extract

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Milagro Oil Extract for the treatment of cancer and reduction of associated symptoms
Valerie Leveroni Corral
Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM), Director
WAMM was founded in 1993 and is the longest running medical marijuana collective
in the United States. Our unique model is patient centric, building upon many aspects of
service by providing hope, building community and offering organic, medical marijuana
medicine on a donation basis. WAMM has emerged as a unique model, a patient self-help
alliance alternative to the illicit black market. The inherent value of this prodigious medicine
can be measured in its ability to affect a myriad of symptoms, providing powerful relief with
few side effects.
Within the seriously ill population of the WAMM community, patients are driven to
reduce suffering. For a myriad of reasons they may seek alternatives to allopathic drugs. This
particular cannabis medicine may be used as a primary or adjunct means of treatment. Data
collected from our members regarding the efficacy of WAMM’s exclusive, laboratory tested
varieties and their measured effects on different symptoms guide our production of quality
medicine specific for symptomatic relief. Below find a synopsis of the recent findings of our
whole cannabis plant extract. This extract (oil) is known as Milagro Oil extract and I will refer
to the whole plant extract as such in the following paragraphs.
The Purpose of this Study
The primary purpose for this study is to assess the relief of suffering in patients
suffering from acute illness and to appraise the potential of cannabis to concurrently promote
cell survival and cell death. While the mechanism for this binary role remains unclear,
balancing the growth and inhibitory factors in healthy tissues as a function of autophagy as
affected by cannabis may prove an effective therapeutic strategy for targeting human cancers.
The data has been collected from seven patients; each began with the ingestion of a
decoction of Milagro Oil extract blended into organic hemp seed oil. The Milagro Oil extract
is prepared from a blend of different varieties of organic C.sativa and C.indica, including the
principal parts of the plant; the small and some fan leaves, whole flowers of varying degree of
maturity, axillary buds, leaf primorida & the shoot apex, and small stems which include the
vascular tissue. One pound (453.5g) of dry medical marijuana will produce approximately two
ounces (50-60 ml.) of organic, high-grade oil, depending on the method of extraction and
reclamation of the ethanol used in the preparation.
The oil is made in an apparatus based on a modified Soxhlet design. A10-gallon pot with a
water chilled coldfinger/condenser for a lid. Amaterial basket is suspended below the
coldfinger and above the active solvent level. I grind all material into a homogenous mix
about the consistency of sawdust. The entire material except for stems, stalks and roots are
used from plants that have come to full maturity and potency. This is then loaded into a
material basket. The initial working solvent is added to the kettle. (about 7-8 liters)
As heat is applied – the solvent boils and the resulting alcohol vapors are condensed
on the surface of the condenser and re-deposited onto the material basket where it continues
leaching oil from material and back into reservoir as an oil/solvent mix. After a while the
material basket is swapped out with fresh material and additional fresh solvent is added to
replace solvent lost or absorbed by previous basket. The old /consumed material is completely
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