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HempStaff understands just how important staffing is in the cannabis industry – finding the right team members, that will work towards one goal – building a successful business!
As a business owner, your time is better spent greeting and assisting your customers, managing and controlling your inventory and of course teaching and guiding your current staff. Let’s be honest, how many of you have time to just sit around and browse through the hundreds of resumes you will receive every time you post a job? This can be frustrating, especially when three quarters of them don’t even remotely match the job requirements you set forth in your description.


HempStaff understands just how important staffing is in the cannabis industry – finding the right team members, that will work towards one goal–building a successful business!

HempStaff currently has over 25,000 candidates in our database, some with previous experience and some without, all looking for jobs in the marijuana industry. As Cannabis Industry Recruiters, we have the resources and recruiters on staff that are needed to efficiently narrow down the search through these hundreds of recreational or medical marijuana job applications that you will receive, thus speeding up the process so that you can get that new team member on board that much quicker.

We’ll spend time with you to get that exact job description, requirements and necessary experience preferred for the job opening you currently have. Once we find candidates that match your requirements, we will contact them and do a prescreen phone interview with them prior to presenting them to you for your review. We will act as a liaison, setting up and confirming interview dates and times-alleviating you from hours of pre-screening and scheduling work – this is especially important when trying to search for those high level managers like Master Growers or Dispensary Managers. Once you’ve made your final selection, we will also conduct a nationwide felony background check through one of our professional partners, to ensure there are no surprises when you go to apply for their work cards.

We all know how much time and effort is really needed to go through the entire hiring process, looking for that perfect employee that will stay with you for years! HempStaff has seen first-hand how the proper staffing company can greatly reduce the time and stress, while increasing the productivity of your marijuana establishment.

So how does it work? We try to keep the process as simple as possible. With one phone call, you can advise us of your needs, we’ll create an agreement, complete with all the position details and then you just sit back and wait for us to send you top notch resumes from candidates’ whose qualifications most closely match the requirements you set forth. Since we pre-screen and speak with each candidate personally before sending you their resume, our Cannabis Recruiters can speak to you about each candidate’s personality as well as their skills prior to you and your team interviewing them.

We only charge a fee if you hire one of our candidates. If you find that perfect candidate on your own, or if you don’t feel our candidates are what you were searching for and choose not to hire any of them, there is no cost to you! It’s as simple as that!HempStaff offers a wide variety of services for your Marijuana Dispensary, Cultivation Center or other establishment

As an industry leader in Cannabis Industry Recruiting, Staffing and Training, HempStaff specializes in finding those high level management positions such as Master Growers, Dispensary Managers, Production Managers and other positions that require several years of legal experience and possibly relocation. Additionally, we have successfully searched for Board Members to join ownership teams that were looking for their board members before sending in their business application. With a HempStaff partnership, your staffing needs, no matter what type of Marijuana license you are applying for, can be efficiently fulfilled. Additionally, our dispensary technician training will ensure that all of your team members are properly trained and ready to work from day one. We are a one stop shop to help you efficiently find qualified candidates for full-time or part-time positions in the cannabis industry!

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