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Cannabis Career Institute is an innovator in the field of marijuana schools. We originated in March of 2009, following on the heels of and continuing the tradition of Oaksterdam University, the most successful marijuana school in the world. With more of a focus on business technique, Cannabis Career Institute has set the trend by creating a step-by-step method of doing business and providing it on a silver platter for students! The guidelines for how to create, brand and market a collective are all presented here along with options on what to do first based on your timeline and budget. The goal of this marijuana school is empower the students by giving them the information they need to succeed in the world of cannabis. Whether they want to start their own medical marijuana delivery service, their own medical marijuana dispensary, their own medical marijuana edibles operation, their own medical marijuana grow-room or even their own medical marijuana school. Marijuana schools are popping up everywhere. However, they fail to recognize the fact that not only do you have to provide more than just general information about medical marijuana, you must present it in a way that is credible.

Most marijuana schools do not have a staff that has a lifetime of experience in each field: Delivery, Dispensary Management, Law, Marketing and Advertising, Marijuana Cultivation and Cooking. Cannabis Career Institute does. Many marijuana schools were created by people who have absolutely no background in the cannabis business at all! Cannabis Career Institute has trained many of the people who have now started these schools! We are proud to have provided this training and information to many of these marijuana schools. However, make sure to check about the backgrounds of the owners of some of these marijuana schools as it may save you a bit of time and money! Cannabis Career Institute’s definition of a marijuana school is one that provides a formula for success for its students. Their network of contacts is an invaluable support system that gives the students the ability to make informed choices about their business. Having the team there to answer their questions as they progress with the creation of their business is also something other marijuana schools don’t offer. When a student leaves CCI they will have a list of things to do and the confidence to accomplish those tasks. Cannabis Career Institute believes that knowledge is empowerment. Unlike most “marijuana schools” CCI encourages their students to succeed by showing them the full picture and letting them decide how to create their business. Cannabis Career Institute believes that by achieving your goals, “your success is our success”.

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We offer certificates for the following programs:

  • Master Growing
  • Cannabis Business Management
  • Edibles Operation
  • Budtending
  • Dispensary Management

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Cannabis Career Institute is America’s FIRST and PREMIER marijuana business training center and created the methodology currently being employed by all the other schools in this industry aside from Oaksterdam! Our former students are now Captains of this industry thanks to us!

Cannabis Career Institute was founded by Robert F. Calkin, a lifelong advocate of cannabis legalization and medical marijuana, in March 2009. He has been in the cannabis industry for over 30 years. He is a Delivery Service expert, marijuana business consultant and podcaster on the subject of creating marijuana businesses. He has helped create literally hundreds of marijuana businesses on his own and with the help of Cannabis Career Institute. He created his own Green Dot delivery service in Los Angeles in 1988. He was a chief organ- izer of attendees at one of the first Smoke-Ins on the Mall in Washington D.C. in 1976. As one of the original members of the American Hemp Council in 1988 with Chris Conrad and Jack Herer, he has always been at the forefront of cannabis advocacy. His band Rude Awakening has done numerous concerts benefitting the legalization of hemp and actively promote this message on their CDs and promotional materials. He was also asked to be a consultant on the TV show “WEEDS“. He is currently the host of the show “Careers In Cannabis”.
Robert F. Calkin is the author of STARTING YOUR OWN MEDICAL MARIJUANA DELIVERY SERVICE:THE MOBILE CAREGIVER’S HANDBOOK. This book has sold thousands of copies and has been made into a DVD. The book is the curriculum for the Delivery 102 course taught at Oaksterdam University where Robert has been Professor of Delivery for many years.
Robert founded Cannabis Career Institute to provide a support system for people trying to start their own medical marijuana businesses, creating a curriculum focusing specifically on compliance and how to create and market brands. This has led to the successful launch of many student businesses. Join us and let us help you to do the same!


Bob Calkin

President, Cannabis Career Institute – Green Dot Consulting
Robert is founder of Cannabis Career Institute and has been running the Green Dot Guy Cannabis Delivery service in Los Angeles since 1988. Bob has been teaching delivery classes at Oaksterdam University since 2008. His unique approach to the cannabis business has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start their own successful businesses. His book and video, “Start Your Own Medical Marijuana Delivery Service” has sold thousands of copies.


Gerry Bedore, PhD, MBA

Gerry Bedore is widely known as a thought leader in technology-enhanced learning models. He was a co-founder of Socrates Distance Learning Technology Group, and has published studies and books focused on online student success and completion rates. Gerry is recognized as having developed many of the most successful higher education online programs in the world.

As a horticulturist for the State of Georgia, Gerry was recognized for his expertise in entomology and pathology in the care of plant life in the state. He has authored one book, co-authored two books, and has served as a research chair and committee member for more than 200 studies in education, psychology and business disciplines.

Gerry served in roles ranging from institutional president to assistant dean for doctoral programs. He is a member of the Cannabis Career Institute, is involved with cannabis agricultural development with Green Cures Inc., is serving in a leadership role for Cannabis State University, and is a U.S. disabled veteran.


Michael Chernis

The California MMJ laws are a key area of focus for Mr. Chernis. He has represented clients seeking to form legal MMJ collectives; storefront and mobile dispensaries; cultivators; MMJ patients and doctors; landlords and others seeking to do business with such collectives; as well as individuals and businesses in civil litigation with municipalities arising from such activities.  Mr. Chernis also represents individuals and businesses in federal criminal matters and those charged with violating state MMJ laws.


Meki Cox

Meki Cox has a broad group of skills in the cannabis industry, including legal services and corporate marketing, is highly experienced in content SEO and is the founder/director of

When her significant other was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, Meki began actively researching the medical marijuana and cannabis industries, which included understanding the endocannabinoid system, communicating and learning from doctors, and working with cannabis advocacy groups and esteemed educators. She began promoting medical marijuana education and reform after her significant other’s medical MRI results showed drastic improvement with only six months of documented cannabis usage. Meki has since dedicated her life to helping the industry and making a difference in the world with education on hemp, cannabis and medical marijuana, and is an instructor at the Cannabis Career Institute and other educational institutions.


Joseph Covino

Joseph Covino has been installing advanced lighting systems for businesses around the US since 1990.
Cannalectric assesses your needs and safely installs grow equipment, lighting, security systems, generators, and more. While safety is tantamount importance at Cannalectirc, discretion and energy efficiency run a close second.


Megan Stone

Megan is an interior designer specializing in medical marijuana dispensaries.

Megan Stone, owner of The High Road Design Studio, is an interior designer specializing in the design needs of businesses and professionals of the cannabis industry.
Megan’s background in the building, hospitality and medical marijuana industries allows her to create practical, functional, and attractive spaces for clients, elevating their businesses and brands. Her experience as General Manager of two Orange County, CA dispensaries was instrumental in designing her unique interior designs and branding strategies.


Gary Maciel

Indoor and Outdoor Growing
Gary Maciel has been growing marijuana for over 40 years. An expert in energy efficiency and master of innovation, his ability to customize grow spaces is unrivaled.
Gary currently oversees medical marijuana grow operations all over the United States. He frequently lectures at Cannabis Career Institute seminars about advanced grow techniques. Ideal for the home closet grower or warehouse operations, Gary’s advice will help increase current yields or develop a strategy to diversify your yield.

Will Kuss

Will Kuss has been a medical patient and grower in California since 2005.  He has his B.S. in Agronomy & Soil Science from Auburn University. He has spent time growing in Northern California, in addition to overseeing large scale medical grows in California, Arizona, Maine, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.  Will is an expert in coco & hydroponics, as well as using new lighting technology such as LEDs.  He has relocated to the East Coast to be available to consult with new dispensary and cultivation site owners.

Ezra Pryor

As a scientist raised in a community of artists, Ezra has the uncommon ability to bring complex ideas to light for people without a scientific background.  With a name that means ‘help’ in hebrew and ‘hash’ in Turkish it seems he was destined for this role.  With a bachelors degree in geology and chemistry and graduate work in analytical chemistry, Ezra is a bottomless well of knowledge about the science of cannabis, recent research and upcoming trends and is an excellent Extraction Instructor for Cannabis Career Institute.

Casey Keith

Casey Keith was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Devic’s Disease after waking up blind in one eye and paralyzed from the chest down. Doctors tried popular pharmaceuticals following textbook treatment plans which caused major side effects. After suffering debilitating side effects from these treatments and seeing no progress,  Casey was encouraged to seek out alternative treatments, thus leading to cannabis. After immediate results from cannabis usage, Casey became heavily involved in researching and focused upon a career as an educator, grower and activist in the cannabis industry and has become an instructor for CCI providing students a wealth of knowledge on Cannabis Growing and Medical Patient information.


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